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QwertyArtSpace is curated Art Store for our small planet.

About us is a brand funded in 2001.
by Deodato Salafia. boasts a big collection that has both artists of the XX century, like the post-macchiaoli (an Italian 20th century tredency) and contemporary artists.
Each artwork is carefully selected both for its artistic quality and for its emotional impact. The gallery believes indeed, that every artwork is a piece of history of our culture, usefull to understand our present. The economical value and the investment are thought as secondary aspects compared to the artistic and cultural value.

In Milan the gallery count on a space of 330 mq, where are organized personal expositions and group exhibitions

Thanks to an accurate knoledge of the resources of web 2.0, Deodato Arte is very present on internet. The gallery web site has thousands of visitors per day and is now a benchmark for collectors.
In 2012 is opened the first eCommerce dedicated to Mimmo Rotella' screenprinting decollages. This web site sells 50 posters inspired by evergreen movies. Each artwork is described, in order to give a presentation of both its artistic value and of the movie plot that has inspired it.
Last but not least, the web site : here is possible to find all the information about the art and the history of Macchiaioli’s painters. in Milan
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We invite customer to check in the desidered product detail page the location of artwork, in case of different country just drop a line.

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