Helmut Newton at Eppol Natural Bistrot

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Eppol was born from the love of its owners for nature e for all the natural materials and products. Based in the famous Alzaia Naviglio Grande (Milan), Eppol wants to be a real experience, where all the 5 sense can be involved, always in respect of the nature. For the inauguration Eppol houses the collection of eleven unforgettable photographs by Helmut Newton. The photography, for this artist, is not used in order to represent or describe, but to express the desire almost obsessive of Eros and Death, artificiality and beauty, that his pictures show. The main muse in Newton’s works is the female body, incarnated by gorgeous and cruel women, full of an eroticism that often turns them in “simple” objects of desire. Still each photograph doesn’t give a brutal and perverted reality but an image where every element is diluted by the dreaming atmosphere, almost romantic, given by the uniqueness of the scenes and of the poses.