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QwertyArtSpace is curated Art Store for our small planet.

Art Display

The service that allows you to see if the artworks you like would fit to your home, before you hanged them

The joy of purchasing a new artworks won't turn to stress anymore because you can ask us how to hang it like a pro!



...Have you already seen some artwork you are interested in, but you don’t know if they fit to your decoration style?

We will send you original and elegant display suggestions
We just need a picture of the room and the link of the artwork you like.

...Have you already noticed some artists but you don’t know what artworks buy?

We can advise you: you will find the best artwork for you!
We only need a photo of the room, the artist’s name, and your budget .

...Are you indecisive? You don’t know what artwork choose...?

...We can help you to choose your style, artist and artwork, according to your preferences.
Send us a photo of the room, your budget and some information about yourself (your work, your hobbies...)

...Do you want to make a present to someone special, but you are not sure if she or him would like it?

Send us a picture of the room of the person who receive the present, your budget and examples of the artwork she or he might like:
We can send to you or to your friend some display proposal: this could be the best way to make the perfect present!

How ....


With Art Display Standard

    You send us an email to [email protected] with:
  • the picture of the room where you would like to hang the artwork;
  • at most 5 links of artworks for sale in this site, or the names of at most 3 artists you like;
  • the number of artwork you would like to buy and/or your budget
We will send you an email with 5 Art Display arrangements within 4 working days.

With Art Display Plus

    You send us an email to [email protected] with:
  • pictures of 4 rooms;
  • at most 20 links of artworks, for sale in this site, or the names of at most 5 artists we have here;
  • the number of the artworks you would like to buy and/or your budject
We will send you an email with 20 arrangements of Art Display within 8 working days.

Buy now the service of Art Display:
Find the style that best suits your home!


More instructions...


Unfortunately we have never been at your home, office or restaurant…We only have your photos to think a solution for the display of your art. For this reason the photos you send us must :

  • Show the wall where you’re would hang you art piece;
  • Not be out-of-focus;
  • Have the colors the most possible similar to the ones of the real room.


If you won't like none of our proposals we won’t send you more suggestions, neither we will refund you.

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