1. Spring Break: we never stop!

    Deodato Arte Never Stop!

    Our galleries will be closed only on

    Thursday April 25th 2019

    Wednesday May 1st 2019

    You can always find us open 

    Tuesday from 12.30 to 14 and from 15 to 19

    From Wednesday to Saturday

    From 10.30 to 14 and from 15 to 19

    Closed on Monday and Sunday

    Happy Spring Break!

    Flowers by Andy Warhol - artwork for sale on Deodato.com

    Mr.Brainwash: Milan is Beautiful will be on view until June 4th

    Come visit in in oure galleries in the Design Distrct

    Via Santa Marta 6

    Via Nerino 2

    Via San Maurilio 18

    MILAN is beautiful - Mr.BrainwashMILAN is beautiful - Mr.Brainwash

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  2. Milan Design Week 2019

    Milan is Beautiful...

    especially during Design Week!

    On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019 here's our special opening hours

    for our stores of Via Santa Marta 6, Via Nerino 2, Via san Maurilio 18

    From Monday April 8th to Sunday April 14th 

    10.30 - 14.00

    15.00 - 21.30

    Wednesday April 10th: 5Vie Design District Opening

    10.30 - 14.00

    15.00 - 23.00

    MILAN is beautiful - Mr.Brainwash


    Follow us @deodatoartegallery

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  3. Milano Art Week 2019

    On the occasion of Milan Art Week

    Sunday, April 7th

    Monday, April 8th


    Via Santa Marta 6 - Via Nerino 2

    10.30-14.00   15.00-19.00

    MILAN is beautiful - Mr.Brainwash

    Don't miss the chance to discover the new limited edition by Mr.Brainwash dedicated especially to Milan

    and also to visit the exhibition Milan is Beautiful!

    Vespa-limited edition by Mr.BrainwashTram-limited edition by Mr.Brainwash

    We would like to thank everyone who has come to the opening night of Milan is Beautiful!
    It was insane and magical and we couldn't be more happy.

    MILAN is beautiful - Mr.Brainwash

    We remind you that the exhibition will be on view untile June 4th

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  4. Mr Brainwash exhibition: instructions for use

    We are receiving a lot of questions about Mr Brainwash Milan is Beautiful opening night:

    here's everything you need to know:


    The opening night starts at 7.30pm of Thursday, April 4th, via Nerino 2


    There will be available 200 limited editions artworks by Mr Brainwash, created for the exhibition and they will be given only at the exit door of the gallery (Via Nerino 2).

    Only 1 for family please :)


    From 7pm, in our stores of via Santa Marta 6 and via San Maurilio 18, there will be on sale the official catalogue of the exhibition.

    If you'll be in the first 500 you'll directly receive one of the free limited editions by Mr Brainwash.

    There will be on sale also the SPRAY CANS dedicated to Italian cities (320 euro) - each person can buy one spray can of a kindù

    It's not possible to buy spray cans or catalogues in via Nerino 2 during the opening night.

    Special offer! - 1 spray can + 1 catalogue = 340 euro + free limited edition


    We'll release new limited editions on paper very soon, but you can have a little sneek peek on milanisbeautiful.show


    You can find all the new artworks HERE or in via Nerino 2 (Wall and Neon) and via Santa Marta 6 (canvas and paper)

    If you are interested in one artwork in particular, contact us at [email protected]


    At the moment, we have more than 1200 confirmed presences and probably there will be a long line.

    Think that you'll be able to say "I WAS THERE"



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  5. Mr.Brainwash: Milan is Beautiful | April 4th - June 4th

    MILAN is beautiful - Mr.Brainwash

    You are cordially invited to

    the first official Italian exhibition of Mr Brainwash!

    More than 100 artworks and special limited edition dedicated to Italy

    will be on view in our 3 main locations in the center of Milan

    Mr Brainwash will be here during the opening night

    Thursday, April 4th


    Via Nerino 2

    Don't miss the unique opportunity to meet Mr Brainwash in person!


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  6. AAF Brussels and PaviArt

    Do you want a week end full of contemporary art?
    We have two events for you!  

    Thursday 14th March              14.00-22.00
    Opening for visitors:
    Friday 15th March                   12.00-22.00
    Saturday 16th                          11.00-19.00
    Sunday 17th March                 11.00-19.00
    Exposed artists:
    STAND C8
    CLICK HERE and insert the code DEODATOVER to download your free ticket 
    Romero Britto - Cloud Nine

    Palazzo Esposizioni di Pavia - Piazzale Europa, 12

    Friday 15th March               18.00
    Opening for visitors:
    Saturday 16 March                10.30-19.00
    Sunday 17 March                  10.30-19.00
    Exposed artists
    STAND 2 AND 3
    DOWNLOAD HERE the invitation for the opening
    DOWNLOAD HERE the free ticket
    Keith Haring - Untitled
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  7. One of a kind artworks by Obey on view

    30 one of a kind works by


    Thursday, 21th March 2019
    18.30 p.m.
    via Santa Marta, 6

    (on view only for three days!)

    Obey the giant - Deodato Arte
    We are good and lucky, very lucky, and we have finally organized

    an exclusive preview of unique works, exposed for only an evening in our gallery, only for you.

    They are all unique works or limited editions very rare, very beautiful, very exclusive,

    that cannot be found anywhere, with a price that departs from 2000 €.

    Deodato Arte offers a total guarantee on the quality.

    We rarely say this: you should immediately buy one of them! 
    We know that we may appear aggressive in saying that and we never do this, but undoubtedly this occasion cannot be lost. 

    Don't ask us about this or that work after days, they won't be avaible anymore, we have only a work for type.
    OBEY- artwork for sale- Deodato Arte

    All the works are:
    - published on museum catalogue

    - unique works or limited edition in maximum 10 works in the world 
    -provided by the original certificate of authenticity of the artis
    OBEY- artwork for sale- Deodato Arte

    Shepard Fairey, known as Obey,
    is one of the most important street artist.
    He is also one of the most desired and quoted street artist in the world. 
    His legendary study is in Los Angeles, but he travels all over the world to realize enormous murales
    with political and social references.

    In 2008 he realized "Hope", the iconic image for the electoral campaign of Barack Obama.

    If you want to discover as the phenomenon "Obey" was born, we recommend you to watch "Exit through the gift shop",
    the documentary directed by Banksy,
    in which Shepard Fairey appears as one of the protagonists together with Mr Brainwash.  
    Exit through the giftshop

    You are not in Milan on Thursday?
    No problem!
    Write us at [email protected]
    Don't lose your artwork!  
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  8. Will you be our Valentine?


    Valentine's day is the celebration of love

    and this year we want to celebrate with you love for ART, t

    hat for us is beauty, study and sharing!

    Team Deodato Arte e Romero Britto al Franciacorta Outlet Village

    You can surprise the person you love with a work of art.

    We have personally selected for you the artworks of our collection that more excite us.

    Discover our selection!


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  9. 3 reasons why you have to follow us on Instagram

    3 reasons why you have to follow us on Instagram

    Deodato Arte Gallery on Instagram @deodatoartegallery


    Real Time updates!

    When new artworks arrive in our gallery, you will immediately know it
    It often happens that it takes some time before our news are loaded on our web site and are communicated with a newsletter!

    Mr.Brainwash - Everyday Life.


    Instagram never sleeps, as our social media team!

    If you are trapped in a super boring business metting,

    but you are obsessed with the lates artwork by Mr.Brainwash.. write us a DM!

    Deodato Arte Gallery Instagram @deodatoartegallery

    2. Live with us our backstage!

    You'll see how we build up and art fair, everytime an artist is in gallery and our business trip...

    Behind the scenes is always the most exciting part!

    Instagram Deodato Arte


    Don't miss any moment!

    We organize so many events that also us are always connected to Instagram to keep update!

    Romero Britto @Franciacorta Outlet Village

    What are you waiting for?
    Hurry up and follow us on Instagram

    on our profile @deodatoartegallery

    You can find us also on

     Deodato Arte 
    Galleria Deodato Arte

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  10. Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019

    Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019


     24-27 January 2019
    at Superstudio Più
    Via Tortona 27, Milano

    Booth C6 - D9 - E6

    Opening night
    Thursday January 24th: 18.00 - 22.00

    Hours to the public
    Friday January 25th: 11.00 - 21.00
    Saturday January 26th: 11.00 - 21.00
    Sunday January 27th: 11.00 - 20.00

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