1. Will you be our Valentine?


    Valentine's day is the celebration of love

    and this year we want to celebrate with you love for ART, t

    hat for us is beauty, study and sharing!

    Team Deodato Arte e Romero Britto al Franciacorta Outlet Village

    You can surprise the person you love with a work of art.

    We have personally selected for you the artworks of our collection that more excite us.

    Discover our selection!


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  2. 3 reasons why you have to follow us on Instagram

    3 reasons why you have to follow us on Instagram

    Deodato Arte Gallery on Instagram @deodatoartegallery


    Real Time updates!

    When new artworks arrive in our gallery, you will immediately know it
    It often happens that it takes some time before our news are loaded on our web site and are communicated with a newsletter!

    Mr.Brainwash - Everyday Life.


    Instagram never sleeps, as our social media team!

    If you are trapped in a super boring business metting,

    but you are obsessed with the lates artwork by Mr.Brainwash.. write us a DM!

    Deodato Arte Gallery Instagram @deodatoartegallery

    2. Live with us our backstage!

    You'll see how we build up and art fair, everytime an artist is in gallery and our business trip...

    Behind the scenes is always the most exciting part!

    Instagram Deodato Arte


    Don't miss any moment!

    We organize so many events that also us are always connected to Instagram to keep update!

    Romero Britto @Franciacorta Outlet Village

    What are you waiting for?
    Hurry up and follow us on Instagram

    on our profile @deodatoartegallery

    You can find us also on

     Deodato Arte 
    Galleria Deodato Arte

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  3. Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019

    Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019


     24-27 January 2019
    at Superstudio Più
    Via Tortona 27, Milano

    Booth C6 - D9 - E6

    Opening night
    Thursday January 24th: 18.00 - 22.00

    Hours to the public
    Friday January 25th: 11.00 - 21.00
    Saturday January 26th: 11.00 - 21.00
    Sunday January 27th: 11.00 - 20.00

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  4. Bergamo Art Fair 2019

    Deodato Arte Gallery, stand 47 - Pavilion B




    From 12 to 14 January 2019


    FIERA DI BERGAMO - Via Lunga, 24125 Bergamo BG



    Opening: Friday 11 January from 6,30 pm to 9 pm  invitate only

    Saturday 12 and  Sunday 13 January from 10 am to 8 pm

    Monday 14 January from 10 am to 12.30 pm




    Show the email recived to the desk to get a free ticket to the art fair or send an email to [email protected]

    This invitation is valid for TWO PEOPLE also for IFA 2019 BERGAMOANTIQUARIA (Pavillon A) at these hours: saturday 12 and sunday 13 January from 10 am to 8 pm.

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  5. Season's Greetings and New Opening Time

    We are open on Christmas Eve!

    Via Santa Marta 6
    Via Cuneo 5
    Via Nerino 2

    From 10.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m.!
    Santa Clause by Andy Warhol

    This are our openings during Christmas Holidays: 

    Via Santa Marta 6

    27-28-29 December 2018
    from 10.30 to 14.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00

    Via Nerino 2
    27-28-29 December 2018 
    from 10.30 to 14 and from 15 to 19

    Via Cuneo 5
    27-28 December 2018 
    from 10.30 to 14 and from 15 to 19
    29 December 2018
    from 10.30 to 14

    Via Giovio 5
    27-28-29 December 2018
    from 10.30 to 14 and from 15 to 19

    All our Galleries will be CLOSED:
    25 and 26 December 2018
    from 30 December 2018 to 6 January 2019
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  6. Life is Beautiful Splash Edition Sculptures

    Life is Beautiful
    Splash Edition

    The new collection of sculptures signed Mr.Brainwash

    exclusively for Europe only at Deodato Arte

    (but you must be super fast)

    Life is Beautiful Pink Splash Edition - opera di Mr.Brainwash in vendita presso la Galleria Deodato Arte

    Today I have to give you NON-ORDINARY information:

    Mr. Brainwash has assigned us his latest production in European exclusive:

    a hand-painted version of his famous resin sculptures.

    I have no doubt about advising you to book them NOW,

    they cost € 2.215 + VAT if applicable (2.378 the multicolor one)

    Pay attention to timing and numbers:

    In Europe are available only 15 sets (each set includes 5 colors),

    we will only sell it in Italy 8 og them, after which the price will increase.

    Of these 8 sets on sale in Italy, only 4 sets will be open to allow the purchase of individual sculptures.

    You can book just one of them!

    SO, if you don't book now, the probability of buying them later will be essentially nothing.

    What makes them absolutely unique?

    Each sculpture is entirely painted by hand: there is not one exactly like the other!

    I remind you that Mr.Brainwash limited editions end in less than 30 seconds when they are put online in the US

    (in 8 years, I managed to take them only once, as a customer). 

    To me, giving this opportunity to you is a point of pride, a dream that I did not imagine I could achieve.

    Not even to say that a series will be mine, the others who will move first!


    Deodato Salafia

    Life is Beautiful Black Splash Edition - opera di Mr.Brainwash in vendita presso la Galleria Deodato Arte

    Life is Beautiful Red Splash Edition - opera di Mr.Brainwash in vendita presso la Galleria Deodato Arte Life is Beautiful Mixed Splash Edition - opera di Mr.Brainwash in vendita presso la Galleria Deodato Arte

    Each sculpture is accompanied by its plexiglass case, for a true professional show.

    If you decide to buy the entire set, we will reserve you a special offer.


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  7. L'Acqua di Talete. Artworks by Josè Molina | November 29th @Rome, Museo Carlo Bilotti

    We are pleased to invite you at the exhibition opening of 

    L'Acqua di Talete
    Works by 
    José Molina

    Carlo Bilotti Museum
    Aranciera of Villa Borghese

    Viale Fiorello La Guardia 6, Rome

    November 28th 2018 
    at 18.30 p.m

    The exhibion will continue until February 17th 2019  
    L'Acqua di Talete. Opere di José Molina
    The Carlo Bilotti Museum of Rome,
    in the suggestive location of Aranciera of Villa Borghese,
    will host the personal exhibition of the spanish artist José Molina,
    curated by Roberto Gramiccia.
    Beloved earth - artworks by Jodé Molina for sale

    The exhibition, that present the iconic artworks among which oil paintings, drawings and sculptures, as well as some unpublished works, focused on the natural theme of water, investigated by the artist as a primordial element that gives rives to life and the archetypal foundation on which is based all the real system.  
    The exhibition is promoted by Roma Capitale,
    Assessorato alla Crescita culturale – Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali,
    sponsored by Cultural Departement of Spanish Embassy in Italy
    and by the Cervantes Institute of Rome,
    and organised with the support of Deodato Arte Gallery.
    Museum services of Zètema Cultural Project.  
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    Christmas is coming and we are glad to inform you that

    our shop online will be open during all the Christmas holidays!

    For any information you can write us an email at the address [email protected] 

    or you can also call us at the number +39 0280886294:

    we will be glad to help you!

    We are also happy to indicate you our extraordinary openings, in case you'll come to Italy!


    Open every day from November 25th to December 24th

    From Monday to Sunday: 10.30-19

    Tuesday: 12.30-19

    December 24th: Open 10-15


    From November 25th to December 24th

    Wednesday to Sunday: 10.30-19

    Tuesday: 12.30-19

    December 7-8-9 CLOSED

    December 24th: Open 10-15


    From November 26th to December 24th

    From Monday to Saturday: 10.30-19

    December 24th: Open 10-15


    From November 27th to December 23rd

    Wednesday to Sunday: 10.30-14 15-19

    Tuesday: 15-19

    December 7-8-9 CLOSED

    December 24th CLOSED

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  9. Arte Ariston Gallery

    We are pleased to invite you to

    Arte Ariston Gallery

    a project born from the collaboration with the prestigious Teatro Ariston di Sanremo!

    From 26th October to 24th December 2018

    Opening November 1st - 6pm - Free entry!
    Teatro Ariston di Sanremo, Via Matteotti 206

    Curated by Anita Lodola, Arte Ariston Gallery is an exhibition space in the heart of Sanremo, an attractive artistic center, both for the people of Sanremo and for the international guests, and also for the many tourists who energize the City of Flowers throughout the year. Exposed artworks of Marco Lodola, Keith Haring, Romero Britto and many others! A catalog of top-level artists, all listed on the international art market, in a location rich in history and culture.

    Art within art, visual art made accessible to everyone. This is the spirit behind Arte Ariston Gallery. During the two months of opening are planned different events and themes exhibitions.

    "The inspiring concept is that art is usable without any instruction booklet. I grew up thinking about art in this particular way, so I tend not to consider it as something inaccessible or approachable only in museums ".

    Anita Lodola

    We are waiting for you!

    Arte Ariston Gallery Teatro Ariston, via Giacomo Matteotti 206 – Sanremo (IM)

    26th October - 24th December 2018 - Tuesday - Saturday, 10.30-12.30 and 16.30-19.00

    Info: [email protected]

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  10. Georges Braque: The birth of Cubism, graphic masterpieces - Street Santa Marta 6, Milan

    Georges Braque

    Georges Braque - The birth of Cubism, graphic masterpieces
    from October 10th to November 20th 
    Opening October 9th at 18.30 p.m.
    Free entry

    The great master Georges Braque is on display at the Deodato Arte gallery in Milan, in via Santa Marta 6, with an exhibition dedicated to his graphic masterpieces.
    Braque, the founder of the cubist movement together with Pablo Picasso, juxtaposes paintings and sculptures with graphic works throughout his artistic career: incisions, lithographs, etchings, aquatints, xylographs and illustrations that reproduce phase by phase the artist’s trends, styles and languages through time.

    The more than 30 important original graphic works on display allow the viewer to admire the power of the artistic evolution and the creative peculiarity of the artist, with typically cubist incisions that are mainly dedicated to objects from everyday life, which became more and more visually striking over the years, thanks to the chromatic component, especially in the works made between the end of the 1940s and the 1960s.
    The exhibition underlines the long-lasting friendship between Braque and Pablo Picasso, by the display of some original graphic works from the cubist period made by the Spanish master.

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