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Do you want to start a corporate collection?

We are your personalCorporate Art Consultants

More and more corporations and companies decide to invest in contemporary art and start a Corporate Art Collection.
There are several advantages:

  • Here in Italy there are facilities for corporates or business activities that invest in art, so in other countries: Check out what are the tax facilities in your country!;
  • Collecting contemporary art is a way to invest your corporate capital;
  • A collection increases your brand identity;
  • Artworks improve your work enviroment.

If you want to start or complete your corporate art collection,
call us now (+39 0239521618) or send an email to [email protected]

We will guide you into the Art Market

  • We can help you to enter the Italian Market: investing in art is always a good way to make you noticed and our site is the best showcase for your collection and company.

    Do you already have a corporate collection, and you want to show it to the public?

    Show your collection on

    We have more than 14.000 contacts of collectors, entrepreneurs and art lovers, that, thanks to your collection will be able to know your company.
    A new way to advertise and increase brand awareness .

    For more information visit the page Show your collection

    and buy now the service

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