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QwertyArtSpace is curated Art Store for our small planet.

Decorate your yacht

Like a small floating Art Gallery


If you love the Beauty and you want to enjoy the use of it when you are on your Yacht

buy now Decorate your Yacht service!


We offer you:


the highest proficiency both in nautical and in art:

our team has a deep knowledge in nautical, thanks to which you'll have the best art arrangement for your Yacht;

a survey of the yacht in order to identify areas, style and colors,

so we can choose the best artists and the best artworks in order to get the highest style for your yacht;

expert advise about artworks security,

also about insurance policy, if you need one

the survey could take place also in the shipyard,

for an artistic launch.


  • 484 eurofor north of Italy, center of Italy and south of France up to Saint-Tropiez
  • 847 eurofor the south of Italy, italian island and Croatia
  • If your yacht is out of this areas, the price will be determined after deal.


Buy now Decorate your Yacht Service

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