Liberty Leading the POP (small)

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Artista: Tomoko Nagao Base: 70
Supporto: Paper Altezza: 50
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Art can't be indifferent to tragedies happening everyday all over the world: so does Tomoko Nagao, who realizes this art piece after the Paris terroristic attacks of the 13th November 2015, using as always her unmistakable kawaii print (also visible because of the several unchis, japanese symbol for poo). This time she choses Delacroix's "news painting", in his famous work "Liberty Leading the People", which becomes "Liberty Leading the POP". In a scenery filled with Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel n 5, Danone and other famous french labels, in the centre Cinderella with a Chanel shoe brings the Google flag. Behind her Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse and Minnie (symbol of the alliance with USA), take the place of the original. In the background the Louvre Pyramid, the Castle of Disneyland and a nuclear power plant. 
Freedom is a "Cinderella" among french brands, protagonists of globalization brought by revolution.