Onda POP after Hokusai - The Great Wave of Kanagawa for Mondadori (big)

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Artista: Tomoko Nagao Base: 100
Supporto: Paper Altezza: 70
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Tomoko Nagao creates her first version of the "great wave" in 2012 as a reflection and a reaction to the shock caused by the Tsunami of 2011 in the north of Japan, after the nuclear tragedy of Fukushima. Everything is based on consumer society, on meanings and short-lived aims attributed to futile illusions of wealth thanks to mass consume. The great wave wipes out lots of mass products but it doesn't act in a destructive way because the artist knows that everything is going to regenerate one day.

With the occasion of the exhibition-special event at Mondadori Tomoko laughs at the meaning of contemporary art and international pop art using the typical language of the japanese art, with a soft "kawaii" key; a short circuit is generated between art and marketing, with a 2.0  viral web communication where the boundaries between art and advertisement are thin.