Artista: Cappello Emanuele Base: 100 cm
Supporto: Canvas Altezza: 100 cm
2.000,00 € 2.000,00 € Iva inclusa

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With this painting we have the feeling to stand in front an explosion. Although it seems to be an abstrac work, is possible to notice two animals fighting in the canvas: this figurative clue can also explain the title chosen for the painting. As in other canvas by the artist, Rivals belongs to the material paintings production. The “lumpyness” of the color is perceptible just looking at it, and of course by the touch. The color is laid with big brush strokes, especially in the external part, and gradually becomes denser in the central part: here the artist squeezed the color tube directly on the canvas. The brush isn’t used to create shades, but to add more material.