Sticky Fingers, Rolling Stones signed album

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Artista: Warhol Andy Base: 73 cm
Supporto: Paper Altezza: 73 cm
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Original "Sticky Fingers" album cover, made by Andy Warhol in 1971.

Andy Warhol realised, during his artistic path, several album covers, making them famous all around the world. In 1971 “Sticky Fingers” was released, as eleventh studio album of The Rolling Stones, and it immeditely rose in ranking. The group rock and roll music came with a challenging cover, made by Andy Warhol, and it was considered so shameless that a few States censored it.

Warhol and Jagger, frontman of The Rolling Stones, often work together: Mick Jagger posed for Warhol becoming subject of his screen printings, and Warhol designed for Jagger album covers as “Love you live” and “Sticky Fingers”. Warhol's art has always been a challenging art, and this cover is a clear example of this challenge. The back of the cover is signed with a black marker by Andy Warhol.