Untitled n°2

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Artista: Caporali Giuliano Base: 90 cm
Supporto: Wood Altezza: 125 cm
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This art work has a strong visual impact. The color red is predominant while the color white is its counterpoint. The wood is treated by the artist as a wall. Actually there is a great balance in the composition of the artwork, and no sign is left to chance. Caporali uses the pictorial gesture, it’s evident because of the total control that he has on the dark red drops in the painting. He uses the sign, marking incisions directly on the wood, down on the darker part of the painting, drawing a sequence of scratches. It has been mentioned the balance of the painting: the diferent shades of red cover the painting. Up on the left there are white brush strokes, that remind us of the lime, they are immediately balanced by the other great white element of the painting situated on the center-right . In front of such great artwork, it’s possible to find a meditation moment, the vibrant red doesn’t disturbe, but exalts the mind without shoking it.