Venus with Pasta (big)

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Artista: Tomoko Nagao Base: 100
Supporto: Paper Altezza: 70
395,00 € 323,77 € Iva inclusa

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The Vectorial Art is the most contemporary and most reproducible technique: it is a practice used by engineers, architects and graphic designer, exploiting the most advanced softwares of computer graphics; the image is composed from geometric forms, lines, sting, curves, filled with the colors producing then the vectorial images. The concept of reproducibility is present for a long time in the Pop Japanese Art, with the goal to make the art accessible to everybody. The high quality that this technique guarantees allows Tomoko Nagao to elaborate again the most known works of the history of the art inserting oriental and western brand realizing an allegory of the society of the consumption of mass. Tomoko Nagao represents here an iconic sleeping Venus and she reinterprets the subject with her particular kawaii esthetic. Indeed the famale figure is lying down on a singular bed composed of many Hello Kitty and encircled by pasta Barilla packages.